You recently received a communication regarding a required training on misdirected claims for Cigna-HealthSpring. Based upon your feedback and in an effort to ease the burden on our provider partners we are revising the previous guidance. Rather than a required online training we will be sending you a copy of the claims instructions to ensure that you have as much knowledge as possible of the claims submission process. For your convenience, we also have easy online access to this training. These instructions hopefully will provide additional clarifications that will improve our service to you in terms of claims payment and claims timeliness. 
These instructions contain information relative to claims submission whether you are contracted directly with Cigna-HealthSpring or whether you participate through an IPA, medical group, PHO or other provider organization who has direct responsibility for claims processing and payment.
Please take the time to read these materials thoroughly and if you have any questions or require clarification on the proper location for claims submission please feel free to contact your designated network operations representatives.
As always, we would like to thank you for your longstanding relationship and partnership with Cigna-HealthSpring. We value your collaboration and your commitment to providing high quality service to our Cigna-HealthSpring customers. Our shared commitment to delivering top quality care, compliance and customer service remains our highest priority.